Recipients of the 2023 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant Announced

January 5, 2024 鈥 香港六合彩现场开奖网 (NYSE: MPLN), a leading provider of technology-enabled cost management solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2023 Rural Health Grants. The four healthcare providers selected to receive this year鈥檚 grants have each submitted creative proposals to help address the healthcare needs of people in their community.

The recipients of the 2023 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant are:

  • Benewah Community Hospital in St. Maries, Idaho
  • New River Health Association in Oak Hill, West Virginia
  • Rio Grande Hospital and Clinics in Del Norte, Colorado
  • Springhill Medical Center in Springhill, Louisiana

will use the 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant to offer pediatric vaccines at their clinic during their well-child visits. Families previously needed to travel an hour north to the nearest pediatric clinic that offers vaccines, often taking time off work to do so. This removes a barrier for the low-income families in the area and expands access to healthcare for children in their community.

Located in coal mining country, will use the 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant to expand their Black Lung Clinic services by adding a respiratory therapist/exercise physiologist. The services provided will help miners be more active and breathe better, which also benefits their families and the community as a whole.

cares for residents as well as visitors who come to enjoy a variety of year-round outdoor activities. Rio Grande County鈥檚 elevation is over 13,200 feet, and they treat many patients in the emergency room with ailments that directly relate to the high altitude. They will use the 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant for education materials at visitor locations as well as pulse monitoring devices and hydration packets for emergency patients. The grant will also help fund Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for a limited number of patients.

identified a need for a patient transport service to help get patients to and from their appointments because many residents do not have access to transportation as they would in a more urban area. The center will use the grant for initial staffing costs and to equip a 14-passenger bus with a 360-degree camera and backup sensors.

鈥淲e received 69 applications for our Rural Health Grant this year. With so many worthy initiatives, it was difficult to choose,鈥 stated Bruce Singleton, Senior Vice President, Network Development Strategy for 香港六合彩现场开奖网. He added, 鈥淭he four recipients illustrate the unique needs of different rural communities around the country, and 香港六合彩现场开奖网 is happy to further their community outreach programs.鈥

About the 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant

Since the program鈥檚 inception in 1995, 香港六合彩现场开奖网 has been helping hospitals in rural areas and the populations they serve. Grant recipients use the funds to introduce or expand services, educate their populations, provide screenings and undertake other endeavors that support the healthcare needs of people in their communities. Get more information about the 香港六合彩现场开奖网 Rural Health Grant.

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