Second annual report highlights the company鈥檚 ongoing commitment to social and environmental stewardship

NEW YORK– 香港六合彩现场开奖网 (NYSE: MPLN) (鈥溝愀哿喜氏殖】蓖 or the 鈥淐ompany鈥), a leading value-added provider of data analytics and technology-enabled end-to-end cost management, as well as payment and revenue integrity solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry, today announced the publication of its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

The report follows the release of its inaugural ESG report last year, which detailed the structured assessment and reporting approach the Company undertakes to identify, prioritize, and monitor ESG risks and opportunities. The 2023 report showcases 香港六合彩现场开奖网鈥檚 strategic momentum in advancing ESG priorities, its focus on managing, tracking, and disclosing on the Company鈥檚 progress, and its commitment to accountability and transparency.

鈥淎t 香港六合彩现场开奖网, we are intensely focused on addressing the healthcare challenges of the people and communities we serve, and this includes operating as a sustainable company,鈥 said Travis Dalton, President and CEO of 香港六合彩现场开奖网. 鈥淭he achievements outlined in the report demonstrate that we鈥檙e delivering on our responsibility to operate in a manner that creates long-term value for our business, our employees, our customers, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work.鈥

The report highlights 香港六合彩现场开奖网鈥檚 progress and notable achievements related to its 2023 priority ESG issues of access to healthcare, data privacy and security, human capital management, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, ethics and transparency, corporate governance, and sustainable operations.

This includes:

  • Completing its first-ever Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emission inventory;
  • Continuing employee education, engagement, and talent development programs;
  • Increasing access to care through expansive networks and supporting underserved communities through Rural Health Grants;
  • Maintaining its commitment to the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Plan;
  • Developing an inaugural ESG policy to provide guidance on issues ranging from workplace inclusion, ethics, transparency, and environmental matters; and
  • Adopting a 鈥渓ess is more鈥 philosophy, emphasizing the identification and prioritization of essentials for day-to-day business operations to minimize environmental impact.

The full report is available on 香港六合彩现场开奖网鈥檚 website at the following link: /corporate-responsibility/.

About 香港六合彩现场开奖网

香港六合彩现场开奖网 is committed to bending the cost curve in healthcare by delivering transparency, fairness, and affordability to the US healthcare system. Our focus is on identifying medical savings, helping to lower out-of-pocket costs, and reducing or eliminating balance billing for healthcare consumers. Leveraging sophisticated technology, data analytics, and a team rich with industry experience, 香港六合彩现场开奖网 interprets clients鈥 needs and customizes innovative solutions that combine its payment and revenue integrity, network-based, data and decision science, and analytics-based services. 香港六合彩现场开奖网 delivers value to more than 700 healthcare payors, over 100,000 employers, 60 million consumers, and 1.4 million contracted providers. For more information, visit .

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